Everyday / Tactical Vest Knife Carry Combo (Black Nylon)

Everyday / Tactical Vest Knife Carry Combo (Black Nylon)

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Everyday / Tactical Vest Knife Carry Combo (Black Nylon)

If you want the option to carry your knife on your belt under your shirt, on a tactical vest, and (if you are an LEO) on your Duty Belt (Black Nylon only) - this is the option for you.  

This unique system allows an individual to carry one of our fixed blade knives on their belt in a manner that is comfortable and yet allows rapid access. It is intended to be carried under an un-tucked shirt. Swap out the belt keeper for the Malice Clip and it can be attached to a molle vest in a way that conceals and protects the knife, and yet still allows rapid deployment. It can be attached vertically or horizontally. The sheath in this configuration is obviously not concealed, but is intended to match existing gear.

For LEO's this kit comes with what you need to orient your knife vertically or horizontally on your Duty Belt, along with the option of moving it to a molle vest and carrying it off duty under your shirt in the EDC configuration.


* Knife is purchased separately

** It is each LEO's responsibility to follow department/agency regulations and/or obtain the proper permissions to carry this product.

*** It is each individual's responsibility to know the laws regarding knife carry and concealment where you live and travel. For info concerning knife laws nationwide CLICK HERE


Curious how it goes together? - Click Here

This includes the following individual products

Product Quantity Price
Belt Keeper
1 piece(s)
Magnetic Tuck Tabs (Black)
1 piece(s)
Malice Clip (Fight Light Black)
2 piece(s)
Sheath Strap (Black Nylon)
1 piece(s)
Sheath Strap Screw Kit
1 piece(s)


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