Return Policy and Warranty

GTG Knives No Nonsense Return Policy and Warranty


Return Policies

All GTG Knives’ products are guaranteed to be free from defect in quality and workmanship.  If you are not 100% satisfied with your product, contact us immediately and we will do whatever we can to make it right. If you are still not satisfied, you may return it unused with original packaging within 10 days of original purchase for a full refund.


GTG Knives’ warranty is no-nonsense, lifetime, transferable, and no receipt required. In other words it doesn’t matter when you bought it, or if you are the original owner or not.


If a GTG Knives’ blade breaks we will replace it.


Our warranty only applies to knives made by GTG Knives and not to any counterfeits. We are not aware of any yet, but it is just a matter of time.

GTG Knives are NOT THROWING KNIVES and may BREAK if thrown. Throwing knives are heat treated to a different hardness, and it is not smart to throw any knife not intended for throwing.  If you are on the low end of the IQ scale and intend to intentionally abuse one of our knives, we would prefer to not have you as a customer.

However, we maintain our warranty standard because we have a major marketing focus toward Law Enforcement and Military personnel who at times are in harms way. We feel it is the minimum we should do by replacing knives [and accompanying sheaths], free of charge, if a knife is damaged by a bullet or shrapnel while being worn by said personnel. Since our warranty covers that, it would be too time consuming to figure out, and simply nonsense to not cover any other cause of breakage. It does not matter the reason a knife breaks, GTG Knives wants to match and exceed the best warranty standards in the industry, and we will replace any broken knife [and accompanying sheath.]


The GTG Knives’ warranty does not extend to rust or normal wear and tear of knives or sheaths. Our coated knives are made from 1095 carbon steel. Types of knife coatings vary in their hardness and durability, and we seek to use only the best. However, any coating will scratch and wear off on different areas of the knife depending on use, and this is not covered under any warranty.  Additionally, 1095 is considered by many to be the best steel for a tactical or field knife. That is debatable, but everyone agrees that it is very strong and yet relatively easy to field sharpen. However, due to the carbon content, the uncoated areas of the knife are subject to rust if not properly cared for. It is the owner’s responsibility to keep the knife properly lubricated and cleaned. We recommend using some of dry film corrosion inhibitor such as Sentry Solutions – Tuf Glide / Tuf Cloth. The knives you receive from us have been coated with Tuf Glide  This will wear off with use and it is up to the user to keep blades properly lubricated and clean. For info concerning Tuf Glide - CLICK HERE.