The GTG Knives’ Lifetime warranty does not extend to rust or normal wear and tear of knives or sheaths. All GTG Knives are currently made of 1095 carbon steel. 1095 is considered by many to be the best steel for a tactical or field knife. That is debatable, but everyone agrees that it is very strong and yet relatively easy to field sharpen. However, due to the carbon content, the uncoated areas of the knife are subject to rust if not properly cared for. It is the owner’s responsibility to keep the knife properly lubricated and cleaned. We recommend using a dry film corrosion inhibitor such as Sentry Solutions – Tuf Glide / Tuf Cloth. The knives you receive from us have been coated with Tuf Glide.  This will wear off with use and it is up to the user to keep blades properly lubricated and clean. For info concerning Tuf Glide CLICK HERE.

Sheath Assembly Instuctions can be viewed or printed by clicking on the links below: